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Aug 10, 2013 6:00am EDT
for success in america and that has to do with how much money you make and i don't think that is a fair definition. so here a neurosurgeon who is not terribly nice to his wife and children, he makes a lot of money and he's a success but the taxi driver even though he is an enormously wonderful father, and husband he is not a success. so what do you mean by success? i think that definition may be a little different than ours. it certainly doesn't have everything to do with money. you see, and so i think it sounds to some people when you start the discussion somewhat crass. >> host: how did you conclude your flamboyant tree negotiation? >> guest: i didn't get it. [laughter] i didn't get it. i did learn though that they grow very fast and you can get them small and you don't even have to have -- my mother gardened decorative flowers until she was at least 93 and one i was a child -- to this is spending time in the yard because i loved it. i loved my hands in the soil just as she and we like to talk about plans in that sort of thing so that is one of the things i love about the caribbean be
Aug 10, 2013 7:00am EDT
in america but in the entire world, we need to know more about the world. so often we find the world knows more about us than we know about them. when i got to tanzania in 1970 i recall talking to a kid who was 14 years old, is name was godfrey and he approached me in the street and started talking to me about thomas jefferson and jeffersonian democracy and i was stunned because there were teachers i knew and americans generally you couldn't find tanzania on a matter. they know more about you than you know about them. that is sad. exceptionalism has cost us knowledge of much of the world. one can liken it to your years in high school when you knew the kids who finished ahead of you but you can't remember anybody in the class behind you. we happen to think people because they are for or less important, a sad state to be in. >> host: with all due respect, i think your words further in title many blacks to find excuse instead of getting to work and doing better. we all have our injustices' to overcome. you are speaking of 200 years ago. is >> guest: let me use human rights language. say the c
Aug 3, 2013 7:00am EDT
to the hospital. twice as much, we and america spend twice as much as the health care system and we can do amazing things for people but i don't believe we are getting our money's where, $2.8 trillion, 18% of our economy. i can't get my head around the number that big. i know what that will buy and for 1% of that, you can buy five of me. there are only 15 primary care in camden and all getting boarded up. we have to reinvest the money on the front line of care rather than building more hospitals and expanding emergency rooms, and at incredibly high price if you cut in that and hospitalize and we set a lower price if you talk to people and the market has responded, if you look at every major city those cranes that are above buildings building new lanes and expanding hospitals, if you overpay you will get too much and if we get a bubble of hospital beds and technical capacity of specialists, and we will destroy the other part of the market. and decent primary-care. the most in expensive patients in camden have $3.5 million in receipts, go to 18% of patients and 90% of costs. we ignore 1% of patients
Aug 31, 2013 7:00am EDT
become that america? i do not believe that is the america that we are. we need to stand people up and say true patriots want people to be able to go and vote because that is how we change all of these other things. [applause] >> all right! all right! >> we would like to get to questions but i think we all been inspired by these remarks from people i have enormous respect for and they focus primarily on a very important and until recent years not sufficiently discussed national problem. i would like to bring it back as barbara asked me to to the difference of columbia because it is instructive and teaches the same lessons you learned and in part because there's a movement in which each of you will play a part if you live here and live in the area and went to help us, first thing to say is many people understood this. into a few weeks ago when a report was issued that we commissioned with the help of five distinguished judges and the assistance -- a lot of people did not understand the dimensions of the inequality the criminal justice system and the district was visiting upon our african-am
Aug 24, 2013 7:00am EDT
, an organization focused on individual like this to the internet and the right to privacy. from the new america foundation this is 40 minutes. >> excuse me, hello. if everybody could come to the front of the room, bring your food and drinks, please it down, we will get started. like herding cats. so i wanted to welcome everyone to the new america foundation. i am at the 11 from the open technology institute. some of you may know this is an operational think tank that brings many disciplines together to collaborate on improving access and control over technology. in supporting one of those disciplines, one directly capped with the research and development of polk and technologies such as the wireless project, i especially appreciate the purpose of this event, this water multi city series, bringing people of different backgrounds and experiences together. my team's an official model is not even space ships are built in a vacuum. the technologist's work like planners and researchers, advocates and organizes to assure the technology serve certain needs as we find them out in the world. third monday
Aug 17, 2013 7:00am EDT
to the degree of market discipline, we do not have free-market banking in america. we need to deal with too big to fail across the board. you also have to keep in mind this is the fourth time or so we bailed out city. it is important you have got to have a way for weeding out bad business practices, corruption, incompetence, at any of these will be weeded out of the system and these continued bailout scheme bed business cultures around so incredibly important that we have these institutions go away and so i think it is counterproductive to separate the banks from fannie and freddie as something different. the difference of degree, not differences of kind. >> speaking for wayne abernathy, not the american bankers association, what does this take? >> i think the reason this crisis focus at this time in the housing area, not other areas and things we talked about, the risk in the mortgage market system had been incredibly camouflaged and disguised by a whole host of different types of government policies and programs that yet remember these are large investments. we are not talking about even on t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6